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In this next chapter on laboratory billing rules and regulations regarding patient balance billing, we will look at what governs balance billing for government payers, e.g. Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Do you have to balance bill patients with government payers?

It goes without saying that all government patients must be billed any and all balances when performing laboratory billing.  It is considered an inducement and illegal to waive the patient portion for Medicare patients.  Although Medicare patients typically do not have coinsurance on testing services like laboratory, they do however have deductibles typically, so you should bill this in all cases to be compliant.

The two key legal frameworks that govern this are:

  • Medicare Civil Monetary Penalty Statute
    • 42 USC § 1320a-7a(a)(5); 42 USC §  1320a-7a(i)(6)
  • Any person who offers or transfers remuneration to any Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary “likely to influence such individual to order or receive . . .”
  • “Remuneration” = includes waiver of coinsurance and deductible amounts and transfers of items or services for free or other than fair market value.
  • HIPAA Section 231(h)
  • Sections 1128B(b) (the anti-kickback statute) or 1128A(7) (relating to payment of kickbacks) of the Social Security Act [42 U.S.C. §§ 1320a-7b(b) and 1320a-7(b)(7)]
  • OIG policies, including Opinion 97-4

Can you balance bill for more than the Medicare allowable rate?

This is so well established that it hardly needs referencing that you cannot do this.

Can I sometimes waive copays or other patient receivables for Medicare patients?

A safe harbor protection is afforded if:

  • The waiver of copayment is not offered as a part of an advertisement or solicitation (enducement)
  • Provider doesn’t routinely waive the copayment
  • A waiver is made following a good faith determination of the financial need of the patient
  • Waiver determination is made without regard to diagnosis or length of stay
  • No bad debt for the unpaid receivable is claimed

If I don’t collect from every Medicare patient, will I be liable?

Some clients have asked whether if they are unsuccessful in collecting the balances from Medicare patients whether they could be held liable.  The short answer is no, as long as you make a “good faith effort” to collect.  OIG 97-4 stated that failure to collect from a group of Medicare patients would likely result in a violation.  There is some debate on what constitutes a “good faith effort”, so this is an area in which you should consult your attorney, but some have suggested that sending at least one patient statement to patients may be sufficient.

There has been much discussion around whether patient balances can be waived or modified for government payers if the patient suffers from financial hardship. The short answer again is yes and your billing company should be able to manage this process by asking questions and documenting the patient’s financial conditions in order to support the modification of the patient balance. This is an area that is highly regulated and it is important to consult your attorneys in developing the script and documentation required of the laboratory billing company.

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